Lawn Maintenance

To keep your lawn healthy and attractive, it requires maintenance. You can count on our team to do just that, with regular service and care. Prefer the DIY approach? You’re welcome to purchase our products and undertake the maintenance yourself.

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How it works


In this step, we ensure that your grass remains at the desired length for optimal health and growth. By consistently cutting the grass at the right height, you promote denser growth, better root establishment, and discourage the spread of weeds.

Fertilization, Aeration, Pest
and Weed Control

Our comprehensive approach ensures that your lawn receives the essential nutrients and proper care needed for long-lasting health and vitality. 

 Soil management

Good soil is the foundation to a beautiful and well-maintained lawn. We test the soil pH, add necessary nutrients and amend soil for optimal growing conditions to ensure your lawn stays healthy all season long.

Why Mountainview

Our in-house knowledge and expertise set us apart from the rest. We don't just maintain lawns; we grow grass for a living. This unique advantage allows us to understand the intricacies of turf care deeply, ensuring that your lawn receives exceptional treatment from genuine experts in the field.

What our customers say

Amazing service. Dealt with several people, including the owner, and they were all very courteous and helpful. Thank you!

- Brook G.

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