Sod Installation

Our experienced team has an in-depth understanding of turfgrass science and agronomics, allowing us to provide exceptional commercial lawn installation services. We work meticulously to ensure that every installation is not only beautiful but also healthy, resulting in long-lasting and sustainable beauty for your business's outdoor space.

Who We Serve


Maximize your outdoor space’s beauty and make an incredible impression on your new and existing customers.

Athletic Fields 

With our quality turf, precise installation, and professional service, we create an instant robust canvas that’ll perform as great as the athletes on it.


We're dedicated to shaping greener communities one park at a time. Our expert sod installation services provide immediate green spaces, offering healthy, beautiful outdoor environments for all to enjoy.

Housing Developments

Partnering with us ensures a seamless process, backed by exceptional customer service, as we help create positive first impressions for your potential buyers.

How it works

Preparing the Soil

First, we remove any existing vegetation. Then we grade the soil to ensure proper drainage, and add any necessary soil amendments to create a suitable environment for the sod.

Laying the Sod

 In this step we install the rolls of sod on the prepared soil, ensuring that the seams are staggered, as this helps to create an even and aesthetically-pleasing appearance. 

Watering and Maintenance

The final step involves providing adequate water to the sod. This is vitally important, as it helps to establish roots and encourages optimal growth over the long term. 

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Why Bluegrass Sod?

Bluegrass sod is a popular choice for residential and commercial lawns due to its fine texture and deep green color, creating an attractive and lush outdoor space. It's a hardy grass that can withstand foot traffic and is drought-tolerant, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as playgrounds and sports fields. Additionally, bluegrass sod requires less watering than other types of grass, making it a cost-effective choice for lawn maintenance.

Golf course sod installation

Welcome to premier golf course turf installation, where artistry meets science. With years of experience and a commitment to sustainability, we provide custom, eco-friendly turf solutions tailored to your golf course. Balancing aesthetics and functionality, our expert team ensures each blade of grass contributes to an exceptional playing experience. Trust us to transform your golf course into a beautiful and playable oasis.

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Why Mountainview

Our commercial sod installation services are distinguished by our knowledgeable staff, who have undergone formal university education in turfgrass science. We're committed to delivering quality services that ensure you're informed and empowered to make the best decisions for your commercial property's outdoor space. As the supplier of sod, we also ensure efficient communication and coordination, resulting in the freshest product and prompt delivery.

"From the first phone call to the last email Mountainview Turf has been absolutely amazing!

Their staff and products are above and beyond what you will find out there today. Our yard looks beautiful with the old lawn meeting the new turf seamlessly everything has stitched together without a flaw! We would 100% recommend Mountainview Turf to any of our family, friends or colleagues.

We LOVE our new green lawn. Thank you for everything!"

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