Turf Maintenance

Boasting the largest fleet of turf maintenance equipment in Eastern Canada, we’re here to keep your commercial turf in tip-top shape. Relying on select fertilizers, seed, aeration, topdressing and other maintenance services , our team delivers customized care for every unique field, lawn or playing surface.  

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How it works


Our experts perform a comprehensive evaluation of your turf, considering factors like soil, grass type, and environment. This enables us to create a tailored maintenance plan for optimal turfgrass health and appearance.

 Fertilizing, Overseeding,
& Aeration

By employing a meticulous approach, our expert team delivers vital nutrients and specialized care to stimulate your turf's development and ensure long-lasting health.

Pest and Weed Control

We monitor for pests and weeds by implementing control measures that prevent damage and preserve the overall appearance of your turf.

Golf course sod installation

Welcome to premier golf course turf installation, where artistry meets science. With years of experience and a commitment to sustainability, we provide custom, eco-friendly turf solutions tailored to your golf course. Balancing aesthetics and functionality, our expert team ensures each blade of grass contributes to an exceptional playing experience. Trust us to transform your golf course into a beautiful and playable oasis.

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Why Mountainview

As the premier turf maintenance provider in Ottawa and Quebec, we boast the largest equipment fleet and over 40 years of experience. Our skilled professionals deliver top-notch service and custom solutions tailored to your field's unique agronomic needs. Choose Mountainview for unmatched turf maintenance excellence.

What our clients say

 Service is always amazing.  Their turf looks beautiful and is thick and lush.  Lucky to have them so close!

- Adam T.

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