Selecting the Perfect Fertilizer: Your Guide to a Lush Lawn

Selecting the Perfect Fertilizer: Your Guide to a Lush Lawn

Jan 02, 2024

Choosing the right fertilizer plays a crucial role in achieving and maintaining a lush, vibrant lawn. It’s important to use the right type for every season and stage of lawn growth. Let’s get into the specifics of five key types of fertilizers.

Spring (22-0-10) Fertilizer

As your lawn wakes up from the winter dormancy, it needs a boost to jumpstart its growth. Spring 22-0-10 Fertilizer is high in nitrogen, which is crucial for grass development and gives your lawn that desired lush, green appearance. The absence of phosphorus in this blend makes it suitable for mature lawns (lawns with grass that’s well beyond the seeding stage) that don't need additional root support, while the potassium content aids in overall plant health and disease resistance.

Spring (22-4-8) Fertilizer

Another springtime option, the Spring 22-4-8 Fertilizer, offers a slightly different nutrient balance. While it still provides a high nitrogen content for leaf growth, it includes a modest amount of phosphorus for continued root support, making it a great choice for lawns that are still developing or recovering from winter stress. The potassium in this blend further supports the lawn's overall health and resilience.

Pre-Plant Fertilizer

Pre-Plant 7-24-12 Fertilizer prepares new lawns or rejuvenates existing ones. This formulation is rich in phosphorus, essential for root development, making it perfect for establishing new grass. The balanced presence of nitrogen promotes healthy leaf growth, while potassium ensures overall plant health. This fertilizer should be applied before planting new grass seeds or sod to provide a nutrient-rich foundation for optimal growth.

Summer Fertilizer

During the hot summer months, your lawn requires extra nutrients to maintain its vigour and withstand the stress of high temperatures and increased foot traffic. The Summer 24-6-12 Fertilizer is designed to meet these needs with its high nitrogen content for sustained green growth, enhanced phosphorus for root strength, and elevated potassium levels for improved resistance to drought and disease.

Fall Fertilizer

Fall (4-14-27) Fertilizer is specifically formulated for use during the fall months. This blend, with its unique nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ratio, is designed to prepare your lawn for the colder months ahead. The lower nitrogen content ensures that the grass doesn't grow too vigorously before winter, while the higher phosphorus and potassium levels strengthen the roots and improve overall plant health, making your lawn more resilient against frost and cold weather.

The secret to an amazing lawn lies in your choice of fertilizer, consistent upkeep, smart watering techniques, and the right mowing approach. Don't forget to dive into our blogs for more exciting lawn care insights!
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