Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

Nov 07, 2023

As the chilly weather sets in, you're probably thinking about how to give your lawn a little extra TLC so it can bounce back beautifully when spring arrives. With some simple advice from the pros, you can make sure your lawn is well-prepared for the winter months ahead.


Keep Mowing, but Not Too Short
Your grass doesn’t grow as fast as the temperature drops, but it doesn't stop entirely. Continue to mow your lawn until it’s done growing for the season. However, during the last couple of mows for the season, adjust your mower's height so the grass is slightly shorter than usual. Try not to cut it too short, it could lead to winter diseases and weed growth.

November is an excellent time to aerate your lawn by making small holes in the soil for air, water, and nutrients to reach your grass’ roots. Roots will grow deeply and produce a more vigorous lawn. By aerating before winter, you're helping deliver necessary nutrients throughout the colder months.

Apply Fertilizer
Applying fertilizer before winter is another key step toward giving your lawn the necessary nutrients it requires to stay healthy throughout winter. This will also help your lawn green up faster and more robustly come spring.

Address Bare Spots
If you notice any bare or thin spots in your lawn, early November is a great time to address them. Use a lawn repair seed mixture to fill in these areas. This will help prevent potential erosion or weed growth during winter months.

Clear the Lawn
Regularly clear your lawn of leaves and other organic debris so it isn’t smothered and diseases flourish. 

Decrease Foot Traffic
As the grass becomes dormant in the winter, it's more susceptible to damage from foot traffic. Regularly walking on a winter lawn can make your lawn weak. If possible, try to minimize foot traffic on your lawn during the colder months.


Preparations you make before winter can determine your lawn’s health and beauty in the spring. Stay warm, stay prepared, and look forward to a lush, green lawn come spring!
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