Keeping Your Lawn Green This Summer

Keeping Your Lawn Green This Summer

Jul 11, 2023

It’s summertime, when you want your lawn to look its best! Unfortunately it’s currently undergoing drought, hot temperatures, increased foot (and paw) traffic, potential insect and disease issues… the list goes on! While these conditions are inevitable, a brown lawn doesn’t have to be the result. Here’s how to help your lawn stay green and lush all summer.


Watch For High-Traffic Areas
Daily traffic can create stress for your lawn. Animals, children, and vehicles can create wear and tear to not only the grass, but the ground underneath as well. If you’re noticing brown sections in heavily used areas, try to give those areas a break by using different sections of your lawn. To avoid general wear and tear damage, overseed your property at the beginning of fall. This will thicken your lawn for the following spring and summer to prepare it for oncoming traffic while repairing existing damage. 


Your lawn needs to absorb water and breathe, aerating helps with both! The best tool to use is a plug aerator. A more economical way to aerate is to poke holes in your lawn, although this is less effective and can cause additional compaction in the surrounding areas.


Remove Weeds
The best approach to weed removal is to tackle them early and often. If your area is small, you can manually pull them or use a weeding fork. For a large affected area, apply weed control/killer.


Feed Your Lawn
Just like you, your lawn needs good food to stay healthy! Our fertilizer provides an excellent source of nutrients and helps protect it from the hot sun. It takes the soil 6 to 8 weeks to process the nutrients, so be sure to track your lawn care and fertilize at regular intervals. 


Keep Your Grass Longer
Mowing with your blades set higher will create longer roots, reaching more moisture in the soil. Short grass dries out quickly and can cause damage, it can become so burned by the sun that it can’t recover. 


Water Properly
This is one of the most important aspects of keeping your lawn healthy. Lawns need 25-38mm of water per week. Keep an eye on rainfall totals and water accordingly. If you use a sprinkler, you can set out empty cans to track how long it takes to reach the needed amount. Place the cans in various locations to ensure even watering. Avoid watering between 11am - 4pm. Water early in the morning so it can be absorbed and not evaporated by the summer sun. 

The hot temperatures and increased traffic your lawn faces in the summer can be damaging, but not permanent! Consistent care and preventative measures will do wonders for you to enjoy your lawn at its fullest all summer. 

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